“Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for Him…”

Psalm 37:7

All of us have busy lives and it’s often difficult to set aside time to be with God and God alone.  Seeking Stillness helps busy women spend concentrated time with God.  We sponsor retreats, lead devotional studies throughout the year, and provide tools that can help all of us deepen our relationship with God.

October 14-16, 2022 Retreat Registration Now Open – see below.

Spiritual Direction

What is spiritual direction? We are companions for your journey.


We offer retreats that provide you with time and space for pray.

October 14-16 2022 Retreat Registration open now!! Click below to learn more.


We find it helpful to utilize different techniques of worship and prayer.


What some past retreat attendees had to say about their Seeking Stillness retreat experience:

“…time to clear my mind and emotional barriers freed me to crawl onto the Lord’s lap and find rest and healing.  I left renewed, hopeful and changed for the better.”

“I was concerned about giving up a weekend in December, but I think it was the perfect start to the holiday season.”

“I really liked that we were allowed to experience God as we needed to as individuals.  This was extremely important and much needed.”

“I liked the laid back atmosphere; there was structure but a great balance between structure and allowing us to do what we needed to be comfortable.”

“This was such a meaningful weekend.  It showed me how important it is to take the time to spend with God.  It was a great time to meet new people, spend time with old friends and worship.”

“Seeking Stillness retreats changed my life. They have given me invaluable time away with God and the tools to spend that time in His presence. I use the gifts (tools) I have received on a regular basis. My relationship with God is so much deeper and personal now.”

” Seeking Stillness Ministries provides the guidance and direction to help you hear from Jesus. The retreats are thoughtfully planned and prayed over by the retreat leaders to ensure Christ is the focus. The Pines retreat facility creates the perfect environment away from distractions for you to meet with God.  Every time I leave – I can’t wait to come back!” 

Seeking stillness allows me to step out of my chaotic whirlwind life and settle into the love of Christ. It’s so calming, soul feeding and thought provoking at the same time!

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“Seek in reading and you will find it in meditation. Knock in prayer and it will be opened to you in contemplation.

St. John of the Cross

Seeking Stillness Ministries

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