Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

In spiritual direction you reflect deeply on God, on yourself, and on your experiences in daily life. Noticing God’s presence and grace in your life in new ways, you are encouraged to listen to your deeper longings, and open yourself to God’s love and healing.

A Spiritual Director serves as your spiritual companion — walking with you as you journey into a deeper relationship with God. This takes place in confidential one-on-one meetings or in small group settings. The Spiritual Director is a facilitator of conversation and reflection. The Holy Spirit, whose presence is called upon in every direction session, is the true Spiritual Director.

Most Spiritual Directors have rigorous training in spiritual direction and spiritual disciplines. They continue to grow in their own spiritual life through prayer, continuing education, supervision, and meeting with their own Spiritual Director.

During your initial contact, you will set a time and a place that is convenient for both of you. Usually, meetings take place monthly and last an hour. Sometimes people meet for a specific purpose or to complete a set of spiritual exercises.  Note that spiritual direction is not the same as clinical and pastoral counseling. There is usually a fee for spiritual direction which varies with each director.

Benefits of Spiritual Direction

  • Incorporate more spirituality into your daily routine
  • Talk with someone about spiritual experiences or thoughts
  • Discern God’s will when facing a difficult situation.
  • Listen more carefully and see God’s presence more clearly in your life
  • Face challenges grounded in God’s love and grace
  • Voice your hopes, struggles, and questions

Finding a Spiritual Director

Seeking Stillness Ministries maintains a list of Spiritual Directors in Northeast Ohio who are associated with its ministry. To find out more, please contact:

Deb Griest


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