The Year In Review A Seeking Stillness One-Day Women’s Retreat

December 4, 2021

The Year In Review

This one-day retreat will give you an opportunity to connect with God, review the past year, and talk with God about the year He has ahead for you. Reviewing the past helps us become more aware of how God has provided for us and to enter into gratitude. Looking ahead allows God to open our hearts for what we will experience and how He will continue to guide us.

This one-day retreat is designed for you to spend time with God. The retreat leaders from SSM will provide short workshops on various tools for prayer and then you will have time to practice them. You will spend the majority of  your day in prayer and reflection. While this will not be a silent retreat, it will be a quiet time for you to connect with God. 

Heartland Community Church Medina, OH

Saturday, December 4, 2021


$25 – includes retreat materials, afternoon snacks, coffee, tea, and water.

Learn more about applying for a scholarship.

July 2nd

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