There Are No Coincidences, Only God At Work When you have your antennae up, looking for God at work, guess what?  You see God at work.  At the recent Seeking Stillness retreat weekend God was at work in mighty ways.  There were many situations in which people heard things described or discussed that had alreadyContinue reading “Coincidence?”


There’s a small 1.5 x 3.5 mile island off the western coast of Scotland called Iona.  After the fall of the Roman Empire, during which Scots were Christians, the country reverted to paganism.  In 587 an Irish priest named Columba landed on Iona with the mission of spreading the gospel and re-energizing the Christian faithContinue reading “Pilgrimage”


Thanks to Valerie, a dear colleague from my Spiritual Direction class, who tenderly suggested that I had misidentified Thomas Kelly in my blog this week.  She was right.  I mixed up Thomas Kelly and Thomas Keating.  Keating is the one who re-introduced the world to centering prayer.  Kelly was an Ohio Quaker who wrote aboutContinue reading “Whoops”