Seeking Stillness Community,

I hope all of you are having a glorious summer.  It is going much too quickly for me.  I love summer.  The sun brings me life and I’ll even put up with the heat if necessary.  I hope you and your families are having some fun!

I need to ask you to pray for Seeking Stillness.  God has continued to bless us with amazing retreats and more and more people who are interested in participating.  I know that God is orchestrating all of this and His plan is perfect.  For the past year, Liz McArthur has been our Operations Manager.  This administrative role is critical as it allows me to focus on the spiritual elements of the ministry.  Liz has done a wonderful job as have her predecessors Lisa McNeely and Joan Boettcher.  Liz has brought us a special gift of organization for the future and for this we are truly grateful.  At this time God is calling Liz out of the ministry.  Her leadership was concluded with our summer retreat this past weekend.

So….we are continuing to move forward with our Fall retreat.  Board members Angie Cirone (communications) and Amy McElwain (retreat operations) will be supporting me this Fall while the entire Board is praying for God to bring us a new Operations Manager.

The Operations Manager role is a volunteer role at this point in time.  The workload varies and is the heaviest (up to 10 hours a week) as we get closer to retreat time.  Generally we have weekend retreats in September and April and we have a one-day retreat in July.  The Operations Manager handles retreat announcements, communicating with the retreat participants and the facility, buying and organizing supplies, tracking costs (we have a separate bookkeeper), and supporting the retreat director on-site.  This person is reimbursed for ministry-related costs and mileage.

We are looking for someone who is Christ-focused, service-oriented, attentive to detail, comfortable using and learning new technology, and able to commit time to the ministry – including two weekends and one Saturday per year.  Ideally this role would be filled by one person, but it is conceivable that it could be shared by a couple of people committed to communicating well with one another.  The responsibilities and processes associated with the role are well documented (thank you Liz) and transition support will be plentiful.

If you or others you know may be interested in exploring this role in more detail, please contact me at or 440-871-8764.  Please feel free to share this letter with others and please, please, please, keep this whole transition process in your prayers.

God bless you,

Deb Griest