There Are No Coincidences, Only God At Work

When you have your antennae up, looking for God at work, guess what?  You see God at work.  At the recent Seeking Stillness retreat weekend God was at work in mighty ways.  There were many situations in which people heard things described or discussed that had already been on their minds.  In one morning devotional we focused on a story from scripture that one of the participants had read the night before – she said she had never heard it before in her life.  God obviously wanted her to pay attention to it.  In another moment, a women shared a sense of how God was stretching her and the woman next to her began crying.  This second woman had received the same message during the weekend.  The group was amazed at all these “coincidences” and we all knew that it was evidence of God at work.

I’ve concluded that the world’s idea of random coincidence is Satan’s way of diminishing our attention on God.  There are no random coincidences.  When I run into someone in the grocery who has been on my mind, that is a God-appointed meeting.  I need to ask, “What does God want from me here?”  When the same person or resources are recommended to me by multiple people, I need to pay attention.  When I’m reconnected with someone with whom I have lost contact in the most roundabout way, there must be a reason.  When I read a devotional or even read a newspaper article and the message fits perfectly with what is going on in my life that day, God is speaking.

People tell me all the time that they’re not sure God is real or if they believe in Him, that they have a hard time seeing evidence of His active participation in their lives.  The next time you experience what the world would call a “coincidence,” take some time to stop and ask God what He’s up to.  Praise Him for showing you His handiwork, and ask Him to reveal His intentions.  Keep your antennae up and you will see God all around you.  He never sleeps or slumbers (Psalm 121:4).

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