The Light is Always On ~ Deb Griest

“I am the world’s Light. No one who follows me stumbles around in the darkness. I provide plenty of light to live in.”    

John 8:12 (The Message)

Why is it that on cloudy days my mood sinks and I walk around in a funk? On days when the sun is shining, everything seems better. Obviously, living in Cleveland, I find myself walking around in a funk a lot, especially from November until May when the clouds roll in off Lake Erie. I don’t want to live that way this winter so I have been focusing on God’s promise that He is the light that should bring a spring to my step.

In Psalm 121 we’re told that God never sleeps or slumbers. His light is always on. He watches over my every move, He knows my every thought, He sees every circumstance that will impact me before I’m even aware of it. He made me resilient and able to cope with the things that come my way – when I rely on His power and not my own.

Sometimes I find myself trying to be the light for others, instead of pointing them to Jesus. We have all found ourselves in conversations with friends and family members who are going through tough times. It’s tempting to take on their pain, to lighten their load. It’s tempting to try and help. While sometimes offering practical help is indeed helpful, most of the time we are (or at least I am) trying to help myself and them feel better about the situation – and QUICKLY.

God is the only light that can truly lighten a load. In Matthew 11:28 Jesus told his disciples to lay their burdens on Him. God works in His time and sometimes, while He is helping to carry our burdens, He leaves part of the pressure on us as he refines and equips us for His future purposes. Often when we try to help others relieve their burdens too quickly, we rob them of the experiences through which God intends to work.

Light. Light does make a BIG difference in life. When things are dark, it’s hard to feel motivated, hopeful, joyful, and loved. This winter, as physical darkness sneaks in and tries to steal the fullness of our lives, let’s recommit ourselves to seeking the light of Jesus Christ and leading others to this light as well.

Let’s get ready now!!

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