The Beauty of God’s Handiwork~ Deb Griest

I just came back from a retreat in Kentucky. The rolling hills, the bright green trees, the singing birds, the sunshine, the flitting butterflies, and the little toads that have recently graduated from tadpoles to hopping creatures, all reminded me of God’s amazing creativity. One morning I was out hiking, turned a corner, and was surprised by the breathtaking beauty of blooming lily pads along a calm, shimmering body of water.

Lily pads

We tend to move so quickly through our lives that we rarely allow God to speak to us through His creation. We spend so much of our time indoors and in our cars that often we don’t even come into contact with things that man didn’t create (of course from things God gave us). It’s becoming more and more common that our kids are uncomfortable spending any amount of time outdoors – except maybe when playing sports. Allergies, insects, addiction to technology, the comfort of air-conditioning…..all discourage us from leaving home.

We tend to forget how much God loves us or how He truly powerful He is- enough to take care of all that worries us. We only need to marvel at the things He created – from the vast ocean to the tiny cells that make up our bodies. When we consider all that God has created and how it functions without our help, we can feel His reassuring presence. We also realize that while we are supremely important to God, we are only a very small (and should be a humble) part of his handiwork. We have absolutely no right or need to see ourselves as the center of the universe. Without God, we and the world, are nothing (John 5:19).

I urge you to consider taking a walk around your neighborhood at sunset, sitting in a nearby park at dawn when the birds are singing, or enjoying the sound of lapping water at the lake or along a stream bed. You will hear the voice of God if you really listen. You will see God’s hand at work, if you really look. Take in God’s beautiful, complexity, and amazing creation and you will be refreshed and renewed.

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