Wait, Submit & Obey

My family is waiting on a baby. I have felt a whirlpool of emotions as my daughter’s healthy pregnancy comes to the end and we wait to welcome her new baby. Others are rightfully excited about the baby, as am I, but I have also been lifting the safety of Jaclyn, my daughter, to Jesus.

The juxtaposition of the waiting of Advent and the submission and obedience of this time of Lent has not been lost on me. I wonder if God felt this mixed emotion as His son came to Earth to show us how to live, how to die and how to enter into reconciliation with our savior. What an awful event to witness as a parent and yet, how proud God must have been of Jesus.

Jesus came to Earth as a small babe. Did He come this way to remind us to care for the helpless and needy? Did the Innkeepers close their doors to Mary and Joseph so that it would remind us that we have a choice, we can either welcome Jesus or send Him away? Was there a guiding star that shone brightly to remind us that He is the light of our world and He will guide the steps of our life, if we choose to follow Him? I could go on, but you get the idea. God does not waste the details.

Even as a child, Jesus showed us how to live. He sought out time for spending time with His heavenly Father. He lived a sinless life because He chose total obedience to His Father. As a man, He lived in community and valued Godly relationships over achievement. He was a leader and a servant. The season of Lent is a good time to stop, reflect and realign yourself with Christ. Jesus chose to die so that we could live. I am reflecting on how I can die to myself so that others can receive Jesus. As an introvert, it is hard to reach out and express myself to others. Jesus is encouraging me and I am praying that the Holy Spirit will continue to help me. What about you? What are you contemplating during this season of Lent?

The Good News is that Jesus’ story didn’t end at the cross. He suffered for us so that He could forgive us our sins, but if we receive that forgiveness and repent of our sins, He helps us to go through the reconciliation process. Hallelujah!

Now that is Good News!


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