Prayer Redefined

Very early this morning I was driving through a not so good part of Cleveland on the way to a client’s office. On the street were sad looking people, one pushing a grocery cart full of what I assume were his worldly possessions. Another guy stood on the street corner yelling at the cars passing by. Two young women walked along the sidewalk looking behind them every few steps – what was on their minds?


I found myself drawn into a conversation with God; and as I was, God became a very real presence to me – in my car, while I was driving!!! God right there with me!!! I sensed how much His heart was breaking over the challenges these people and their neighbors are facing. He drew me into compassion. I was filled with gratitude for all I have available in my life. He also caused me to recommit to working with those from different walks of life – these relationships open us to new experiences and new awareness. God used these encounters – wordless encounters with His children to touch my heart.


As I reflect now on this experience, God is speaking to me about how He meets us in every part of our day. Yes, He loves it when we take quiet time and sit with His Word. He loves our undivided attention, but sometimes He speaks more clearly through the experiences of our day. God is everywhere and He is constantly with us. So often our antennae are not up to receive His messages because we are moving too fast, working our agenda, and meeting our own goals and expectations.

~Deb Griest


I need to expand my view of prayer – it’s anything that puts me in contact with God. My experience this morning was as much an experience of prayer as sitting with my hands folded and head bowed. God speaks through everything, but am I listening?

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