Prayer for the Day

I just finished listening to an amazing set of CDs by Father Richard Rohr and Paula D’Arcy.  Rohr is a priest, author, theologian, and spiritual retreat leader.  Paula is an author, story teller, and spiritual guide as well.  Their CD series is called “Spirituality in the Two Halves of Life.”  They discuss how our life is initially crafted as we seek to find our own identity in the world and create structures that help us feel safe and accomplished.  For most people, however, there is a second half of life in which we work to step beyond safety into humility, growth, and a larger experience of God’s amazing grace. The transition between these two halves of life often comes from experiencing pain and results in us refocusing on what is truly important and real in life.

Near the end of the lecture series, Paula offers a prayer that was shared with her at a retreat she attended.  I offer it to you as a blessing on your life today.

This is the day that lies before me.

These are the hours, this is my life.

I lift myself up to ask for blessings from above,

And bow down to ask for the blessings of the earth.

I take these gifts with thanks,

And open my heart.

I let go of my past and what has gone before,

And reach forward to my future,

I turn to those things that I do not expect and are yet unknown.

May the road of this day be good.

This is my life.

Everything started with the little seeds.

Bring them together and let them grow.

Let them blossom,

But everything that blossoms decays and falls to earth.

Take care of what is inside,

And be ready to open up.

All that was yesterday is past.

All of today lies ahead.

Trust your strength and sweetness,

A new day is awaiting you.

Live fully in God’s love today my friends.  We can experience life abundantly only in the beauty of this present moment.


Deb Griest


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