Music as a Prayer

Last week, 30 beautiful God girls joined us for our 3rd annual one- day summer retreat.  This retreat was called Music for Life and was a time of deepening our walk with the Lord through various styles of music, worship and time alone with God.  One session was entitled Writing Scripture on our Heart.  We learned about the psalms as songs written and sung to glorify God thousands of years ago that we still sing/pray today.  On pondering about the retreat this past week, I’ve had some realizations.  Song lyrics speak to me…..they always have.  I sometimes like to read the words even before I listen to a song.  They can be a prayer in and of themselves.  I wake up daily to the local Christian music radio station and whatever song may be playing.  That song often gets “stuck” in my head and becomes a repetitive prayer for me throughout the day.  “Give me Jesus” or “I need a miracle” repeated over and over throughout the day is not necessarily a bad thing 🙂  I have learned scripture through music rather than trying to “memorize” verses.  Another realization came to mind as I contemplate music….secular vs. christian (I do have a 15 year old son who is into all kinds of music and we talk about the differences).  A phrase that comes to mind is GIGO—garbage in, garbage out.  Not all secular music is garbage of course, but I choose to be filled with good and positive images that christian music enbodies.  Music fills me up and I feel closer to the Spirit when I am in praise and worship mode.  I worship as often as I can.  It happens a lot in the car and with the sunroof that I have now (never had one in the past), I can truly lift my hands to the sky in worship.  Music is simple (like me 🙂 and it touches the deepest places of my soul and makes me feel alive.  Why wouldn’t I want to use that as my resource to bring me closer in my relationship with my heavenly Father?

~Lisa McNeely

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