The Gift That Never Gets Old

Tomorrow is Christmas!!!!!!!!  All the presents are bought (and hopefully wrapped), the kids, young and old, are excited, and most of us look forward to relaxing after the holiday with a few days off of work.

How many times have you heard the pat phrase “Jesus is the reason for the season” over the course of the last few weeks?  I don’t want to be cynical, but I hear it too many times from people who are running as crazy as the rest of the culture and, while they say it, they don’t stop to recognize its profound truth.  Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season.  He was born to this world as a baby on Christmas Day, but the meaning of His birth and the lasting gift it is to us is beyond words and slogans.

This baby was an amazing gift to us from God, but if all we do is celebrate His birthday and let his legacy and promises get lost as we go back to “normal life”, we’ve missed the point.

Jesus’ birth ushered in the kingdom of God in which we live every day.  This kingdom promises not only eternal life, but life abundant while on this earth.  Jesus left behind him a world that has been won by His victory over death.  Sin is all around us, yes, but we know, that God is at work, that God has won the victory over evil, and that God, through His Word and His Holy Spirit is leading us – TODAY – according to His merciful plans.

Are you living as if each day were Christmas?  Are you stopping to remember that God is with you and speaking to you throughout the craziness of your life?  Are you praising Him for the gift of His Son every day so that you can live in joy and peace despite your circumstances?  Are you relying on Him as your friend, confidant, and provider, or trying to make it on your own?

Take some time as you step away from the press of your “normal” world in these next couple of weeks, to talk with God about His plans for you in 2013.  Truly take time to thank Him for His provision – despite the ups and downs – in 2012.  AND recommit to a life spent worshiping, fellowshipping with, and sharing about the One who, this week 2000 years ago, loved you so much that He sent His Son that you would be spared from a life of desperation.

Merry Christmas (throughout the year ahead)!!!

Deb Griest

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