Warmth From the Inside

Baby it’s cold outside!!!  Winter has finally caught up with Cleveland and I don’t like it.  However, I have been spending time preparing for the Seeking Stillness retreat this Spring (March 30-April 1) and the Holy Spirit has been warming me from the inside out.  At first I thought I was having hot flashes (as is rather common for me in this stage of my life)  But after three intense sessions of retreat preparation in which I felt the hair stand up on the back of my neck and my temperature rising, I had to conclude that it was, indeed, the Holy Spirit exciting me about the work He is doing.

The Holy Spirit is incredible!!!  He is the one who makes the promise of the Gospel real in our daily lives.  He’s the one who calms us when we are freaked out.  He’s the one who helps us understand the Word when it doesn’t seem to make sense.  He’s the one who shows us what God is doing in a situation when, from an earthly perspective, the situation looks hopeless.  While God is tending to the universe and Jesus is interceding with God for the good of the world, the Holy Spirit is inside us – changing us, molding us, and shining through us to others.

The Holy Spirit has a tough challenge though.  He can only do His thing when we give him control over our lives; when we yield to his teaching, guidance, and comfort.  As long as we try to take care of things ourselves, we get in His way, and then we don’t understand why things don’t go very well.

The Holy Spirit will be a big point of focus in our Spring retreat.  Come, join us, and Him for a weekend of prayer, fellowship, and fun.

~Deb Griest

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