Waiting Is Painful

Waiting is painful, but worth it!!!

Are you as sick as I am of waiting for Spring?  We’ve been teased by a few days (or maybe it was just hours) of warm weather. The flowers are peeking up at us as if to say, “I’m ready”.  But it’s just not time!!!  We have to wait  – we have no choice because God is in control!!  What we can be assured of is that He will give us warmer weather.  Our faith in that has been built through all our years of experiencing Winter turning to Spring.

Do we have the same faith that God will end our waiting on other issues with mercy and goodness?

I know that I often relieve the pain waiting causes me by trying to deal with situations on my own.  Now there are many situations in which God wants me to take action.  But how often do I stop before acting to check in with Him – especially on big decisions and actions that will have big impacts?  Am I really building the type of relationship with Him that will help me hear His attempts to interrupt my addiction to “progress” so that I am waiting for His direction?  I’ll never really know how much my need to control and take action have done damage to the gifts God was prepared to give me and others , but I’m sure I’ve done damage.  If I had only waited to listen for His voice…..

In the book of Psalms alone we’re told ten times to wait on the Lord.  We’re told that we are to wait expectantly (Ps 5:3), with strength (Ps 27:14), in stillness (Ps 37:7), and with patience (Ps 40:1).  We’re to wait because He is our help and shield (Ps 33:20) and wants to give us His saving grace (Ps 119:166).  We’re told that God does hear us (Ps 40:1) and that He will answer (Ps 38:15).

Let’s hope Spring is right around the corner, but let’s take time this Lent to build our relationship with God so that He can help us find strength, direction, peace, and even joy in waiting on Him.


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